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Ms A told the Commissioner that a number of nurses had held her down and taken off her clothes by force, including her underwear. Once she was naked, the staff pushed her onto the floor, left the room and locked the door leaving her with only a tear-resistant blanket and a cardboard bed pan, Ms A said.

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The Southern District Health Board told the Commissioner that leaving the lights on was standard practice for observation checks, however Commissioner Allan noted the lights could be dimmed. If you are experiencing mental health issues, talk to your doctor. Mr O'Brien said patients appreciate attempts to provide care respectfully.

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Of all the learning that can be taken from this incident, the point that would make the most immediate impact on [Ms A's] experience of care is the simple provision of every day comforts,' he said in the report. I believe I could have been managed on a locked ward without being secluded.

What I experienced on that occasion was incredibly dehumanising and continues to affect me,' she said in the fuck with a boy. Mental Health Commissioner Kevin Allan said in his decision that the actions were unacceptable.

The board also agreed to train psychiatric hospital staff on restraint, seclusion and consumer rights, to review its restraint minimisation and seclusion guidelines, and to review the seclusion policy to provide specific guidance on what to give patients in seclusion including clothing and bedding.

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If you are suffering from depression or experiencing mental health issues, talk to your doctor. In Australia, call Beyond Blue on any time of the day or night. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Teenage girl who ran away from a mental health clinic is stripped naked and tossed in a room to sleep naked night on the floor with a piece of cardboard to urinate on Girl said stripped held her down and took her clothes and underwear off by force Once naked, staff pushed her on the floor and left leaving girl with only a blanket A cardboard bed pan was left, but no pillow or mattress to lie on Health board agrees to apologise, review its young and give training to staff By Alison Bevege For Daily Mail Australia While Share this article Share.

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Pinned down, stripped naked, locked in seclusion: my NZ mental health system story | The Spinoff

The decision goes on to show Ms A girl not given a tear-resistant gown naked wear. Young was also not provided with a mattress or a pillow.

While DHB told the Commissioner stripped was standard practice to leave the lights on to enable observation checks of patients in seclusion, however Allan noted the lights were able to be dimmed. The Ministry of Health states that a person in seclusion should be allowed as much normal clothing as possible, while Southern DHB seclusion guidelines state a clinical assessment should be conducted to determine the items and clothing permitted in the seclusion room.

Although Southern DHB stated there was a risk of the patient using clothing for self-harm, there was no documentation in clinic notes or the Southern DHB notes of an assessment of her risk of self-harm, apart sleeping the references to risk in the treatment plan.

Teenage girl stripped, left naked in seclusion with no proper bedding by Southern DHB - NZ Herald

The Commissioner's expert adviser, mental health nurse Dr Anthony O'Brien, advised it was not reasonable that Ms A was not provided with a gown, mattress, or pillow. O'Brien said instead of minute observations the staff could have dimmed the lights, given the girl a gown and proper bedding and monitored her continuously if they were so concerned. Even under conditions of coercion consumers will appreciate attempts to provide care respectfully.

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Allan added: The girl, now a young woman, told the Mental Health Commissioner the treatment had left long-standing emotional scars. What I experienced on that occasion was incredibly dehumanising and continues to affect me. It also agreed to provide training to psychiatric hospital mental health staff on restraint, seclusion, and the Code of Rights, review its restraint minimisation and seclusion guidelines, and review the seclusion policy on what consumers should be provided when placed in seclusion, including clothing and bedding.

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