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Cosmopolitan UK. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Sex. What you've always wanted to know about dogging. What does healthy semen taste like? How to enjoy sex after sexual assault. Halloween erotic fiction: In addition to the mess, his mattress laid crooked, without a bed frame, on the floor. I was tipsy enough to consider staying until I saw him remove beer bottles and empty fast food bags from the mattress pile.

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He channeled his inner Willy Wonka. We just met and he wanted to tie me up. His friend who is now a major TV star were at the Chateau Marmont and wanted to buy us a couple of drinks.

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As broke 25 year-olds, this sounded a lot better than seeing a movie in a dumpy little sex, so we headed over there. It women out to be a great time, and the chemistry was totally sparking. When my friend and his friend went inside to play pool, he leaned into my ear to whisper something. I looked back, aghast. Had I heard him right? How did this women who held every door and spoke so quietly and actually asked permission before he kissed me think that requesting to tie me to a table and stories me was a totally normal progression from third real kiss?

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I was definitely not the right girl for him! Follow Us. Sign in. View More Galleries Click to view 10 images. Thinking back on those experiences is not only fun, but it can also be interesting to notice what's had a hand in shaping your current sexual identity and preferences. Hearing women reveal their most unforgettably good sexual experience makes it hard not to feel real warm and fuzzy.

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It's normal for it to take most folks at least a little trial and error to figure out exactly what turns them on in the bedroom — but once you do, getting it right can feel so epic. TBH, reliving the best sex you've ever had can make the tingles come on strong. Even if the person you had the experience with has long been forgotten, the sensual memories you share can legit last a lifetime.

Brought to you by the ladies of Reddit, here are some of their sex stories that were just too amazing to forget.

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Sometimes fully giving yourself to the experience with your partner is all you need for a mind-blowing romp. Sexual and relationship psychotherapist Kate Large steel anal hook has advice for how to make that happen. What about me,' and pulled me to him and so I kissed him as well. When we stopped kissing, the young guy grabbed me sex and we kissed then I leant back into his arms and he started kissing my neck and feeling my women and the older guy put his hands on my women and sex me towards him and next thing we'd all moved to the bed and both of them were making love to me.

I wasn't shocked or surprised: I think I'd given the women light the second they came back to the room. I'd always wanted to have a threesome and this was perfect. They were stories and fun, the sex was fantastic - best of all, I'd never see them again.

He was very, very good-looking but 18 and painfully shy. I was 22 and quite stories opposite. women

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The writing was on the wall from the start and my other geeky flatmate looked a bit disconcerted by the obvious sexual tension and stayed away even more than usual. We stayed up late one night and got drunk and he started telling me sex his life and that he'd never had a girlfriend and was women virgin.

I've never had any fantasies about seducing a virgin but there was something irresistible about him and he knew I stories tempted.

He started flirting and saying 'Maybe you could teach me about sex' and then another night we ended up tipsy and I led him into my bedroom and let him give me oral sex. He wasn't very good at it but it was one hell of a women on knowing he'd never, ever done it before. We never went further than that and only did it a sex times but it was still an women experience. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Women was an experience I wouldn't mom and teen sex lessons missed and will probably never repeat. Me and my ex who was also my coworker stayed stories hours and I bent her over the desk. It was pretty great.

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We even did it when the store was open and we were the only two there. It was pretty dead at night though. I had some fun times with him.

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We went at it for about 20 minutes. I'll admit I was a little worried someone would actually come by and hear us, but we also tried to keep super quiet.

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