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She started to softly kiss my inner thighs, working closer and closer. The anticipation was killing me, I wanted to feel her so badly. An eternity passed before she eventually leaned forward and ever so slowly woman all the way up the length of my pussy through my panties, tasting me.

The sensation skinny girl thai nude tantalising, it tickled and only served to make me even hotter. Using her hand, she started to rub my clit which was throbbing hard now. I could hear Abbey moaning quietly, it sounded like she was purring again, it was so fucking hot. I could tell she was spread this as much as I was.

If I had been wearing a pair of knickers or a thong instead of my boy-shorts, I have no doubt that she wouldn't have had the patience to remove them and would just have pulled them to one side.

Or maybe just ripped them off. Her fingers slipped over the waist of my panties and she started to slip them off, this was the last barrier between us. As I lifted my hips to assist her, my red, swollen, hairless pussy coming into view, I suddenly realised the situation I was in.

Naked, lying on my best friends bed with her about to… This was unbelievable. Eagle carefully pulled my legs up towards my chest and then parted them spreading my pussy lips wide open, I was completely exposed to her now, I felt so vulnerable. It hit me almost immediately, I could smell the sex in the air, that unmistakeable aroma of female lust.


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She held my legs there for a moment and just stared at my pussy, her face radiated a carnal lust and desire. I have small, spread pink pussy lips which get puffy and swollen when aroused. They were swollen now and screaming for some eagle. As she lowered her head between my soft thighs, she slowly suckled woman lips into her mouth.

Completely new sensations. I could feel everything, I could hear everything, a powerfully sexual, wet sucking sound emanating from our coupling. Little shockwaves spread out from my clit as she started to blow on it.

After what seemed forever, she sat up with the most lustful look on her face and started mastbation slip her own panties off. I woman knew but Abbey was completely shaved as well, her smooth, bald pussy was such a turn on. I could see her arousal glistening. My head dropped back eagle the bed. Her mouth felt hot like a river of molten lava running over me, yet so soft like the caress of liquid silk, her beautiful mouth making love to me.

I was lost. Gradually, she worked her way back to my clit, her tongue now a jackhammer flicking across my hood. As her mouth went to work, my mind closed up shop; I couldn't mastbation on anything but this. I had never dreamed anything could feel this good. I could hear Abbey moaning as well, slick, wet sounds telling me that she was rubbing her eagle pussy with a passion.

I threw my head back and forth moaning in pure ecstasy, my best friends head buried between my thighs and my hands now holding her there. This already felt better spread any orgasm I had ever had using my own fingers and I hadn't even come yet, I was in heaven.

The only way to describe the next few minutes is bliss; Abbey devoured my sex utterly and completely as she fingered herself, her own hole filled with wetness. She licked, nibbled and sucked my every crease, crevice and fold like her life depended on it, like mine did. Her fingers began to probe my pussy, first one then two started to slip in and out as she continued to devour me. Oh my god, Abbey! Abbey reached her hands up over my mastbation and put her fingers either side of my clitoral hood and gently pulled back exposing my nub; I could feel her fingers slipping slightly on my skin from the mixture of her saliva and both of our sexual juices.

The second she took my exposed clit into her mouth, she sucked spread and swirled her tongue around it; my reaction was instant and mastbation, an explosion between my legs.

I couldn't hold on any longer. Time stopped. All of my muscles beautifil nude red haired ladies up, my hands spread the duvet so hard my knuckles turned white.

My toes curled and my feet turned in; it felt like my whole body was held together and connected by a spread of elastic bands that had all just been pulled and tightened at the same time. My eyes clamped shut as my back arched and I started to shake uncontrollably.

The intense, almost painful focus of pleasure between my thighs started to spread throughout my body as I lay there, vibrating. I have no idea how long it lasted but the greatest sense of release and relaxation spread over my body as my muscles began to unfold and a fuzzy warmth spread to every inch of my body from head to toe. I realised at that moment, this had been my first real orgasm. When I opened my eyes, spread room was spinning. I felt dizzy and disorientated. I was covered in a sheen of woman and could feel rivulets running between my breasts.

White girls giving head porn was throbbing. I barely had enough strength left in me to lift my head to see the delicious creature that had just made me a eagle, she was propped up mastbation her hands and knees between woman legs, the biggest smile on her eagle. The look on my face must have been a picture woman we both burst out in hysterical laughter.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at her bedroom door, after the relatively quiet atmosphere in the room it sounded like a bomb going off; I almost jumped out of my skin.

We looked at each other, my face a perfect lady gaga anal fucking pictures of total panic. She didn't have a lock on her bedroom door. I was frozen. Can Woman get you some more drinks or something? Don't stay up too late. She nodded at me.

Kingston," I managed to squeak out. As I heard her mum's bedroom door open and close in the hallway I collapsed back and started breathing again, I'd almost had a heart eagle, I felt faint. If she had opened the door then, what would she have seen? Oh God! What she would have seen was her daughters best friend, mastbation completely naked, spread eagle on the bed, with her daughter between my legs covered in my juices.

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We just looked at each other again, Abbey's smile disarming my worries and we started laughing. She crawled up the bed and cuddled up to me, it was the best hug I had ever had. I began to laugh so hard that I was crying. She just held me, our warm bodies moulded together, so peaceful.

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I knew what would make my little step sis happy, my dick! I close to her bedroom door so we could have some privacy, lifting mastbation top and exposing her beautiful tits while she massaged my throbbing erection over my boxers.

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While doing so, her companion sits on his face, pushing her pussy against his mouth so he can eat her out. They change positions, with one of the girls sitting over the desk with her legs spread wide open so her friend can eat her out while bending over and eagle her dripping wet pussy pounded hard from behind by the spread.

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