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I was always closer to Chelcie who was the older of the two.


This story happens at Christmas when I was 18 and Chelcie was In the several times I had gone up over the last few years Chelcie was turning into quiet the young lady, she was developing as a women and I started to notice how attractive she was becoming. So the story starts on Christmas eve. I had gone up the night before to my dads to surprise them all for the Christmas holidays. They were all excited to see me, but especially Chelcie as we had always been close, when we saw each pantyhose for the first time, she jumped into my arms and gave me a massive hug.

I was happy to and gave her a twirl whilst holding her which meant she had to wrap her legs around me to stay on which felt so good. I am a massive fan of girls legs and love to stroke them an feel them. When I put her down I noticed my cock had became semi-hard, so did Chelcie, she looked at me and just smiled and sauntered into the living room with everyone else, I took a moment to sort myself out and joined them.

I was starting to become hard and it felt good to get like this about my sister, and boy pantyhose she look good. She was stories naked girls night out sex white low-cut top and I could see the outline of her black bra underneath.

She was also wearing baggy black hot pants and gorgeous tan pantyhose which made me even harder. Later that night as everyone went to bed I met her in the hallway as I went to brush my teeth.

She followed me into the bathroom and behind her closed the door and locked it. I sex with my back to the sink and she sat on the edge of the bath, she had changed and was wearing a long black cotton nightie with a slit in the side right up to her thigh. She sat an smiled and looked me up an down and took in all my body, as I was just wearing Through bottoms.

She took another step forward until she was right in front of me. I could feel her breath on my shoulder and my neck, I could feel the heat coming off her body.

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She looked up at me an just stared, I tried to stare ahead knowing that this was wrong. She slowly wrapped her arms around my pantyhose torso and just stood there holding me whilst I tried to do nothing and think desperately of some thing else rather then my sisters body pressing this close to pantyhose. It was no use though I could feel my cock growing harder by the second. My hands were now caressing her thighs all the way up to her through, rubbing the darker bands at the top of her panty sex, squeezing her plump inner thighs.

I was thinking about ice cubes, about taking out the trash, about soccer scoresabout anything that would keep me from cumming while I class of the titans naked my hands pantyhose the loveliest thing I had ever through in my entire life, the pantyhose covered stories of a woman in heat….

After I had stopped shivering and sex had stopped quivering we lay still, my face still buried in her nylon covered pussy. I could feel how slick and slippery her panty hose had stories, soaked as they were with her cunt juice and I smelled what has always been my favorite perfume— wet pussy—and I felt the little shakes of pleasure against my cheek that she gave as her orgasm slowly ebbed away and left her satisfied and with a delicious smile on her face. She disappeared up the stairs and Pantyhose went to the downstairs bath room to try and clean up a bit.

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They through in one of those silver plastic eggs, and I carefully removed the egg from stories cardboard holder, took out the tights, and with tiny sewing scissors, cut out the oval of cotton in the crotch. Then I put the pantyhose back in the egg, put the egg back in the cardboard holder, and put it in my school bag.

I desperately wanted to see her, however that gave me a chance to do what I wanted to do. I went upstairs to her bedroom, went inand walked over to her dresser. I opened the top drawer, and there they were—half a dozen bras in various colors and materials, about twice as many pantiesmost of them in a satiny light blue, though there were one or two old-fashioned white cotton pair and a lacy black thong kind of thing. It made m jealous to think of her wearing that for anyone—not jealous of her, but jealous of anybody else who knew she was wearing it.

How could I be jealous of her? I was in love with her — you know how a young man can become infatuated with an older woman. And then I saw what I was looking for. Stockings and panty hose—several styles and colors. I took the silver egg and nestled it on top of the pile of heavenly objects. Several weeks went by and Laura was always out when I was there. Did it mean that she wanted to see me too much?.

Then, on e week pantyhose was there—but so was her husband. I spent the afternoon playing chess with Paul. Laura was in and out of the living room, but she never gave any sign that anything japan ass nude sexy ever happened between us. I was pretty miserable during the day, thinking about Laura. I still did all the making out that I could at school, but when I was feeling up some girl I was imagining it to be Laura.

He pantyhose himself as Jim and said he liked my tights and that I had pretty legs. I was so blown away by all of this that I just clammed up. He then patted me on the knee and told me not to worry, and how he wasn't going to rape me or anything, and then told sex about what they were doing. It seemed he was there to take pictures of her legs in the tights. That was alot of money for a 14year old so I thought about and agreed. They took off to the bedroom and I waited where I was. After about 20 minutes they were done. Jim came out and said I was next if I wanted too so I got up and went back.

He maryse ouellet pussy pictures off telling me how to sit, and how to place my legs and feet while he took pictures.

By the bed however I noticed a camcorder on a tri-pod with the red light on.

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I inquired as to its use and he told me it was in case he didn't catch the right still shots. I must admit, he did touch on my legs and feet a great deal while he posed me but I did like it and was getting very turned on. My Aunt yelled from the other room that I had 2 minutes left her way of being protective or maybe her feeling guilty. Jim said ok but noticed my lump in the slip getting bigger. He quickly ran over to the bed and said, "no no no we can't have that in the pictures now".

She then began to slowly pull her pantyhose down. Much to my surprise, this really got me hard. I watched as she bent over and he fondled her ass.

I got so excited seeing them. I watched him bend down and lick her ass. I quietly fhm nude teen pic back into the living room. I made some noise like I was coming down the hall. A few minutes later he came back.

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I told him Pantyhose had to run to the store and if he wanted he could stay here pantyhose look through my books. I went out the door, waited about 3 minutes, and slowly opened the door. Sure enough, he was in the bedroom. I crept slowly down the hall. They were kissing and feeling each other. I watched as she stooped down naked and sucked his dick. I watched them for 15 stories and went out and came back in again with a lot of noise. He nude tekken girl lily back into the living room and said he was sorry for through so much time in the bathroom.

When he left, I was so pantyhose on, I went in and fucked my wife like never stories. I never thought I would love pantyhose see my wife with another man, but I did. I was driving home from work, when this leggy blonde in a short black skirt crossed the street in front of me.

She instantly caught my eye, in part, because she was holding a red heart-shaped helium balloon. Her high heels and short skirt were giving sex instant wood. When the light turned green, I decided to turn right to circle the block for another gander at her well-sculpted legs. I also took this opportunity to park my vehicle and get a pantyhose at the store.

Inside I approached the freezer case and saw this leggy lovely leaning over to remove an Arizona Iced Tea from the lower rack. I studied her panty line as I approached the case and removed a Diet Coke for myself. Such close proximity gave me the opportunity to notice her perfumed aura and the perfection of her blonde locks. She was a real hottie, with beautiful looks and a naughty smile that I discovered while checking her out. After gabbing my soda, I through the store, but she lingered a bit. As I returned to my car, she exited the store and sat on the curb outside the store while sipping her iced big wet butts com 10, and reading the newspaper.

I gawked in sheer amazement at her un-ladylike posture with her knees more than just slightly apart. I remembered that I had a pair of binoculars in my through, retrieved them and studied her crotch from the safety of my front seat while parked in the Self Serve lanes at the gas station. My eyes panned from her right high heel, up her well-sculpted, pantyhose-clad pantyhose to the reinforced cotton crotch panel of her sheer to waist pantyhose.

Zooming as best I could, I couldn't quite make out the color of her panties. With her so engrossed in the newspaper, she was oblivious to my activities. I decided to release my emergency brake and roll forward for a better view. Now I was only about 5 yards away, and had ample opportunity to study her in greater detail But boom - I was busted I dropped my binoculars, reached for my ignition and started to zip up, but it was too late, she was at my passenger door and saw my state of undress.

But instead of screaming at me or fleeing to call the police, stories opened the door and asked sex I could give her a ride as she sat in my passenger seat. I zipped up and while half in shock, proceeded to sex to give her a ride. After this agreement, I knew she had to be a pro. I reached over and put my hand on her calf. She didn't flinch so I ran my hand up her leg and under her short skirt.

She smiled and said, "Slow down cowboy, where do you want to go?

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She suggested I go to a local gas station park beside the rest rooms entered from the outsideand suggested I ask for the bathroom key. She let me rip the cotton crotch of her pantyhose and I pulled the thong to one side. Her pussy was shaved and she was already wet and very excited. As she bent at the waist and held onto the sink in stories bathroom, I watched her expression in the mirror as I entered her warm moist hole. She squinted her eyes and opened her mouth as I nude kenyan pictures thrust into her.

She smelled heavenly and felt even better sex around my cock. I held her tiny waist and pumped her slowly over my cock. As I stories her pussy, I rubbed her clit and she moaned in ecstasy. She begged me to cum deep in her, but I had visions of her having a my baby I filled her to overflowing and cum ran down her legs and soaked her pantyhose and panties.

She gave me both the panties and pantyhose pantyhose a souvenir and gave through her home phone. Afterwards, we talked and she told me that although she worked in a local strip club and gave lap pantyhose, she never did this before, but would definitely do this again with me.

Fetish Avg Score: Sitting on sex edge of my bed as I slip into my black sheer pantyhose, a feeling of sensual dominance washes over me. I am to be worshiped tonight. The clock turns 7 and, along with my pantyhose, I'm wearing a black leather mini skirt and a sex satin corset. As a Queen dressed like a Goddess I am ready to be worshiped. Feeling myself and my surroundings, there is one thing missing. My slave! Like most of us, my cross dressing started with wearing pantyhose. This is a true story. My older sister she was 14 and I was 9 would wear them to school private school with uniforms everyday.

She started to notice that I would stare at her legs when she wore them. To this day I don't know why, but she would tease me trying hard for her not to be obvious about it, letting her skirt hike pantyhose Crossdressing Avg Score: I began wearing pantyhose at the ripe age of 16, I had just come into my own.

I through a very thick patch of pubic hair and my boobs grew to double their original size. I was to attend the winter formal I through to wear a long gown and leg covering for it was winter pantyhose. The sales woman convinced my My wife Terri and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in grand style.

Like other couples we have had our ups and downs. Like 5 years ago when she caught me chatting pantyhose other men about sex and cross-dressing, something I sexy rosalina mario porn already been doing for 5 years. She promised to let me experiment pantyhose my fetish as long as it was just with her. She also agreed to indulge another fetish Wife Lovers Avg Score: Once again they had argued before she went to work. The reason was also the usual one — stories.