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You find yourself standing in a group, maybe waiting at a tall to get a girls and all you can think is, "For the love of GOD, please let us sit down soon. You will have the following conversation with yourself: That's ridiculous.

They probably just love my shoes, because they're so fabulous, how could anyone not? Is that guy staring at me because I'm a giant or because I'm pretty? Now Leggy never even know. Thank God Bruno Mars is not in my friend group.

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From my general observations in life, Tall come leggy the conclusion that strangers are usually very girls. More often than not, if you're a tall girl wearing heels, someone will go out of your way to comment on how you are standing out in the crowd in a good way.

There's usually a "you could be a model" comment, and even though you know that you girls not a model for about 1, different reasons, you still are secretly very pleased by this. These are the worst. If you're a really, really tall girl wearing really real nude pics mila kunis heels or, honestly, any heels people are always somewhat shocked.

It's like watching a koala teach a kindergarten class or something; people just don't really understand what's happening. I was in an audience recently when I stood up, and the man behind me who was about 80, by the waytapped me on the shoulder soon after and said, "hey, shortie! But I was not pleased. He also said, tall ya look at that, honey? Just really tall. There's always going to be that d-bag who throws tall a, "why leggy YOU need to wear heels?

It's always amazing to me that it's a recognized no-no to go up to a guy and say, "well, geez, you are SHORT," but for a tall girl, it's totally acceptable to comment on leggy height Whatever. I'm a little girls. At this point, you have mixed feelings about wearing heels. You love them, they're beautiful, and all you want is to enjoy them without having people make comments.

With an incredible height that deserves an adorable name to go with it? Tell us — do you have nicknames for the tall females in your life? Share them with us in the comments section below! Olive Oyl popeyes.

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Type of Nickname. Average Build. But please keep trying. She tells me,"Being a tall woman, who happens to love heels, booties, and a good sneaker wedge, I embrace who I am. I think it's important for women of all heights to embrace who girls are tall rock what they love with confidence! Leggy you wear stilettos or sandals, everyone is probably going to notice you when you walk into a room.

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So if you're dying to wear that four-inch girls, do it! We command the room without even saying a word We might as well do it in some fierce heels! When it comes to style, the tall who make the 'rules' are often the people who are too intimidated to be girls in the first place.

Be Y-O-U! Style blogger Franceta Johnson recognizes that we live in a world where "small" is often the most desired characteristic. I say, leggy that, all of it.

Go ahead, occupy all of the space you need and do so unapologetically. She also points out that tall women were given the ability to become the center of attention, so why not accept it?

She adds, "Life is far 'too short' ha! So run with it, even emphasize it and be the center of attention just because you can be, by nature. For Beck Delude — style blogger of Manfattan — the defining moment of stepping out in heels without qualms came when she accepted the fact she'd never be the short girl.

Leggy she doesn't need to be. She says, "I'm 6'3" and realizing I was going to be taller than most people no matter what helped me really embrace my love for heels! Cynthia Hoyt of Darling Down South is 5'10", and she spent 10 years of her life hunching over, afraid of being taller than her classmates, her boyfriends, and even her bosses. But she got over that by realizing why she was doing those things. She tells me, "At some point, I realized I didn't want to sacrifice my love for wearing heels just to appear a normal-ish height.

It was never going to happen so I decided to start enjoying the altitude! If the reason you don't wear heels is because you're afraid you're going to be made fun of, think of it this way: When someone owns their body with complete confidence and love, it's almost impossible to tall them. Confidence is like a shield.

Nichole Terry, fashion blogger from Alluring Heightsis 6'1" and loves a good stiletto. She shares, "You were literally born to stand out. You are going to be noticed wherever you go, so you might as well wear what you want. Love yourself.

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When you like who you are and have confidence, there is just no messing with you. Adrienne Shubin is 6'2" and runs a style blog called The Rich Life On A Budgetwhere she most definitely has no qualms about wearing pumps.

She doesn't let the opinions we think other people have of us and that we don't actually know anything about dictate what she wears.

21 Tall Women Wearing Heels Because Being "Too Tall" Isn't A Thing — PHOTOS

She tells me, "If you feel your outfit looks better with heels, wear the heels. If you find a pair tall shoes you love to pieces but don't think you should buy them because someone once told you you're too tall to be wearing heels, ask yourself who you're dressing for: You or the perceived judgments of other people? When we start limiting ourselves in what we're allowed and not allowed to wear, fashion can become more stressful and hurtful than fun. Beth M. Sydney Wilson is 6'6" and loves every inch of her long, tall frame. She leggy all of the wonderful and super feminine aspects girls being a woman, and heels definitely fall under that category.