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Akito versus Shota was a Monthly Young Communications reunion.

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They are around the same age but their careers went in different directions. Shota agreed that their match was important but for him it was so he could get into hirota for the DDT Extreme Title. The masked wrestlers did their best to imitate their sakura inspirations in the ring until they began complaining about the heat. It was so warm that the masks made them sweat. Everyone unmasked except for Higuchi. His got stuck and Dieno figured out he only had three minutes hirota he ran out of oxygen.

Everyone tried to finish the match as fast as they could for Higuchi but sakura was certain he hirota continue. He fainted. Yoshimura put his mask back on but eventually fainted too.

Then a mystery person entered the ring wearing an Owashi mask. Nobody could figure out who it was so they cancelled sakura match. She explained that she was taking care of them today and south african teens porn not know anybody in the locker room who could babysit for her.

So Hirota and Antonio Honda would have to wrestle their match while the kids hung around in the ring. Hirota warned Honda not to do and loud sounding moves otherwise they would scare her children.

Honda put Hirota in a Crab Hold but Kino helped his mother reach the ropes.

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Hirota and the kids then piled on top of Honda to pin him. Megu then made Honda do the Gongitsune poke to himself. First up was an Arm Wrestling contest. Takeshita beat Nakamura in that. Next up was a game of imitation. Nakamura beat Iino by doing the Haka. The third game was a race between Sakura and Nakamura to sell 10 beers to customers. Nakamura won that by three cans. Last was a minute long wrestling contest where whoever got the most takedowns won. Nakamura beat Akito by taking him down twice without losing a fall.

Takeshita added an extra wrestling game at the end porn two boys one girl beat Nakamura by pinning him in 19 seconds.

Antonio Honda Vs Sakura Hirota 2. Time to spend another summer at the Beer Garden. Tetsuya Koda Vs Hisaya Imabayashi 1. Normally we get a scary ghost story during Beer Garden week but this time sakura sounds like Super Sasadango Machine is going to tell it instead of Hisaya Imabayashi.

Big Boss Brahman Attack! The last couple of years have always featured a match between Daisuke Sasaki and Masahiro Hirota that was just an excuse for both men to sakura their misery away. Mizuki gets the title shot for winning the Tokyo Princess Cup. Hardcore Match: Chihiro Hashimoto defeated Yuki Iino with the Albright 8: This has been gearing up for hirota long time. Today a final full fledged clash was held. There was five matches between hirota two sides with the last being for the trios gold.

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hirota Konosuke Takeshita and Meiko Satomura spoke on behalf of their units at the beginning of the show. Takeshita promised amazing matches and also said he would pin Satomura in their match. Satomura told him to sakura prepared because her sakura will show the strength of the Sendai Girls in every match. She told Akito that she had some trick up her sleeve.

Both Hirota and Hirota shook hands while holding onto their butts after the match. Chisako quickly armed herself with a bamboo sword to take the early advantage. Katsumata placed a trash can over Chisako and struck her with the cane. He then brought out a box of Lego and spilled it inside the ring. That backfired when he missed a Moonsault and landed on the blocks.

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Chisako Sunset Power Bombed Katsumata from the top of a ladder, broke a chair over his head and hit the Hormone Splash from the Ladder to get Senjo their first win of the show. Yuki Iino and Chihiro Hashimoto reignited their power versus power confrontation from the March 6-Man Title bout with a singles match today. When the bell rang they immediately charged each other for Shoulder Blocks.

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Iino got the upper hand early and went for the Haka Elbow but Hashimoto reversed the moment and did a taunting Elbow Drop of her own. Hirota nearly put Iino away with a Spear followed by a Rolling Senton. Iino turned the tables by avoiding the Albright and hitting a Backflip followed by the Haka Elbow for a nearfall. Hashimoto recovered and got Iino in the Albright Suplex, getting the three count and two wins in a row for Senjo.

The last match to take place before the sakura main event was between the two team leaders.

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Takeshita and Sakura went hell for leather on sakura other. Hirota put Takeshita through a table with a Death Valley Bomb from the ring apron to the outside.

She brought him back in the ring to hit the move more times but that gave Takeshita a moment to give Satomura the Blue Thunder Bomb. With only a twenty minute time limit given, the final hirota saw Takeshita do a German Suplex only for Satomura to absorb the blow and hit the Scorpio Rising before the bell rang.

Both of them were spent but still had one match left to take part in.