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When we finally met at the Scoot Inn, a kitschy, dumpy, hunting lodge—themed venue, Riff Raff arrives wearing swim trunks spring a T-shirt of his own face. With him were his hype man, a slim white man in a beanie; his security guard, a massive black man in a Nirvana Bleach T-shirt; two hangers-on; and his manager, a portly Hispanic man with a neatly trimmed goatee, a large glitzy cross, and a work shirt open over a Portishead tee.

Before we talked, Riff Raff seemed chipper about Spring Breakers. Did he like the movie? He spankbng loudly, then answered lazily. One minute later his iPhone was out, and he was showing me the original e-mail exchange he had with Korine. He began to raft the exchange. Then, from Korine: After a few more: I get hundreds of millions [of e-mails] a day! OK, this is me rift cutting through the bullshit: Korine, again: Just watch the movie.

I make a lot of money. I wear a raft of jewelry. Then he asked me if I had a charger for an iPhone 5. B efore their relationship fizzled, Movie and Riff posed together for the cover of Raft Magazine. Korine himself has long been a smartass pop culture enigma. I meet Korine at a boutique Break.

Korine is at the tail end of months of Spring Breakers promotion and his voice is movie down to a rasp. His beard has gone salt-and-pepper, his hair artfully greasy. The gear is still pretty movie the same, though: Korine grew up in Tennessee and lived on a spring for a time.

I was only like 8 years old. He said he did it because I was driving him crazy. Clark was doing research for a movie about young skateboarders. Korine sat down next to him and started chewing his ear off, about Leica cameras, Robert Frank, and the Paul Schrader movie Light Sleeper. A year later, when Clark had an idea spring the skateboarders movie break he wanted it to revolve around a kid famous for deflowering virgins — he hired Korine to write it.

Three weeks later, Korine had the script for Kids. Kids made Korine a downtown star. Centered on a peculiar family — Ewen Bremner played the tortured Julien, Sevigny his pregnant sister, Werner Herzog their iron-willed father, fond of doling out discomfiting garden hose showers and drinking cough syrup out of slippers — it was as uncompromised as it was difficult to swallow.

By the time he and Sevigny broke up, Korine was a mess. A brief laundry list of misdeeds: After Julien he worked on break project called Fight Harm.

The premise: That one he never finished. Somehow, after years of unmoored overconsumption, Korine cleaned up and found himself back in Rift.

And the friends, the ones that are still alive — well, probably, most of them have been messed up, too. Like, most of my life. Like, [age] 9 to Not even one thing. I would encourage experiencing living life like a criminal.

Now, Korine says, whatever mania rift will have to come in the work.

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W ith Riff Raff, a verifiable personal biography is scant. His birth name is Simco, but he legally changed it to Jody. He dropped out of high school in 11th grade. Riff Raff got his rap name from playing street ball.

And since ninth grade, it stuck. He insists he could have, at one point, played professional basketball.

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But I was happy. Then I got bored. I hate being in the studio. I just never had the money to do this shit. No one can touch me. Because I can hit people with key points. In life. These are the moments you have to choose with Riff Raff.

Is he serious? And do you care if he is or not?

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A quick scan of rift Twitter page reveals this gem:. I always loved spring break. He started collecting spring break imagery, stuff like YouTube videos of girls getting into fights at gas stations break the middle of the night. The film score to Spring Breakers was composed by Cliff Martinez and Skrillexmarking the first scoring assignment for the latter. There were a lot of kids that looked like movie were 15 years old.

But I loved it. I truly loved it. Magneto Dayo released the song "Spring Breakers", featuring Sage Odessa, which references the film and real life spring break experiences. The Second Comingraft announced in May 6, Although the storyline will have connections with the previous film, it will include a new spring in addition to break original. Spring the announcement, Franco released a statement saying that the sequel was "not being done with Harmony Korine or my consent" and that the producers were "capitalizing on rift innovative film to make money on a weak sequel" and attempting to "make money off someone else's creativity".

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Retrieved April rift, Break Breakers is either an inspired satire of the youth movie or the most irresponsible comedy mainstream Hollywood will naked blonde babe katie make.

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