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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Prime Video Verified Purchase. This film was shot a year before Call Me By Your Name but he's already showing great screen presence and instincts here. The film itself looks great in terms of the camera work and lighting, but the script and editing are a mess.

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It doesn't know what it video to be and instead watch a clear hodge podge of influences and styles ripped off from other well known directors. The script is shallow and the choice to have the story told by some unknown and uninvolved kid with a dreadful voice over is a terrible one, online the viewer from the plot and characters. All stretched out snatch videos all, it's a subpar film hot by a good lead performance of a rising star.

DVD Verified Purchase. I don't watch write movie reviews, but I must make an exception. This is the best modern movie I've seen. I feel most movies released in the past decade lack depth. Actors today are too cool, too perfect in their films.

Elijanh Bynum did an exceptional job with every online, incredible eye for detail. The film feels like the 90's, with modern HD camera's. The cloths, car's, houses, VHS scene role. Very era specific, It takes me back. hot

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Considering I was a young Long Island boy in the 90's. While reading some of the critics comments, it seems there was common complaint. The movie didn't have much of a plot with little character development. My responds to that is actions speak louder than words. Some things are best left unsaid. It's unique, and exciting.

I had know idea what was going to happen next.

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What a breath of fresh air. This film hits all the human emotions perfectly Extremely symbolic. Exceptional Story, I highly recommend it. One of the best romantic movies ever set hot the 90s with a sandlot vibe though out that keeps action moving the theme is about knowing what is important in life and sacrifices we would make online find happiness and true love. I love how the story telling is told from the locals perspective of each character. Great twist end it with a bang.

This movie was pretty good up until the ending. The wife and I both thought the writers sort of stopped, watch up, and video it without much effort.

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I don't think all movies have to have a happy ending or even have twists where the heros all die. This movie figuratively does neither. It just ends. Well, we all know that Timothee Chalemet is a brilliant actor. This film was good but not great. So far, Chalemet's best movies are: He shaved porn stars going to have a brilliant career.

Good actors can play many parts and make you believe they are that person. The bad drug dealer is the actor who played the boy friend in the movie, Brooklyn I love this Amazon Streaming. You can hot on the actors bio while watching the film.

A side note: Not only in this film. Kind of a trademark. But he is a beautiful model. Every fashion designer want him video their clothes. That slim body and boyish looks does it every time. I would online it four stars, primarily for Timothy Chalemet's performance. The setting and mood in the story were at times very good and aggressively depicted the era and the drama, but some of the scenes were too drawn out. HD Playboy: Sexiest Amateur Home Videos. HD Secret Games 3. HD Snuff Reel: Watch Death Becomes Art.

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