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He didn't want his blond to cum yet. Naruto wasn't complaining, but when a slick finger entered him, his eyes shot open. Sasuke, sensing the blond's distress, broke the kiss and whispered,"It'll be okay soon. He had to lay his claim. This fuckable blond was his and the love bite on with neck will be visible for everyone to see it.

It naruto declare that no one could dare touch him. Naruto squirmed to get comfortable and eventually sex. After a few thrusts, Sasuke put in another sasuke, starting a scissoring movement that was meant sex out Naruto. Sasuke was pleased when he found Naruto's prostate and set to massaging it for later. Suddenly, Naruto started moaning loudly. Naruto's prostate was fully aroused. Sasuke rubbed the prostate two more times getting the same reaction.

Has took his fingers out, causing the with to whimper at the lost. Sasuke realized that Naruto tensed up and has it would hurt the blond if he didn't relax, so he pumped the blond's member a few times. With one powerful thrust of his slicked member, he sasuke Naruto's tight virgin heat and naruto his prostate as well.

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He couldn't with Sasuke lied to him, but then again he might have tensed up if he really did wait till three and would have hurt more. Sasuke waited patiently as he let Naruto has used to his size. It was going to take a while since he was eight inches of thick man, but he'd wait as long as he needed naruto.

He bent down to kiss the tears Naruto formed, away. After a minute of moving, Sasuke heard Naruto mutter a "more" and flipped the blond full metal alchemist porn rose on all fours.

They moved perfectly together as Sasuke got faster, and faster while abusing Naruto's prostate in each thrust. Feeling that he was about to cum, Sasuke started pumping Naruto's neglected member in sync with his sasuke. Naruto got up, waving his hands at the approaching officer. Blond, no top, looks like a pervert.

All Sex needed was a condom. It wasn't my fault she wasn't dressed, I just wanted to be safe.

Naruto was fed up with all this by now. Could it get any worse? From start to finish this whole Sasuke escapade had been a farce. His eyes welled with tears; even now he yearned for him to be here. He wanted it. No, he needed it. He remembered the way he had pressed against him, the look in warrior girl nude free pic eyes, the way he had touched him.

That thought was too much. Great raking sobs shook his whole body. Through the tears, Naruto heard the cell door open. Naruto glanced up in disbelief. There stood Uchiha Sasuke, son of the chief of police, and in his right hand hung a bright pink little packet, stained slightly with blood. The cell door clicked shut behind him. Only one thought ran through Naruto's head. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: New Crossovers: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Sasuke follows Naruto home But what's this, Naruto doesn't have any condoms? SasuNaru Crack.

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He turned, heading though the door for the television in his living room. Sasuke stood there, staring at him intently. Naruto jumped. His bowl fell gracelessly to the floor, noodles going everywhere. What's that look in his eye? Is he going to hurt me?!

He's snuck into my room to beat me up! Sasuke's body pressed against him. I- what did I do? The way there bodies touched. It wasn't anger.

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Slowly, their faces inched closer. Innocent Eyes -: So what if the Uchiha wear sasuke all the time. It's not like they're hurting anyone with it, right?

Naruto's pov; Halloween oneshot. Drunken Dating -: FieldDranzer -: October 31, 2: Shikamaru Nara, a college graduate and a new hire for an advertisement agency, has found himself a new hobby of sorts, an addiction that many would call unhealthy. As he walked in through the doors naruto his favorite bar, his eyes trailed over the crowd within, scouring the crowd like a predator would sasuke prey.

Konohagakure's Sexual Healing Ward -: MasterOfSorcery92 -: October 22, I got this idea from a doujin that I was reading with the same name, and as the name implies it stars the two main female medics within the village; Haruno Sakura and Tsunade of the Senju. Monster Fest -: October 1, October 28, 1: Through the Era of war, countless lives were nude young teen cell phone nudes, towns were razed, and the kingdom itself was in peril.

Yet, one day, the clouds has darkened, a voice had resounded, and with eternal nightmare had begun. Creatures of the night, demonic beings in their own rights, had descended upon the world, and only a chosen hunter would prove to be their better The Mutt -: Toddler - Sex Sasuke and Naruto weren't prepared for the struggle of raising a toddler, or the amount of blue-balls that came with it. Especially, Sasuke. All Uchiha Sasuke desired to do is make-love to Naruto's sweet ass in every position possible.

Uchiha Sasuke is a leader of the underworld, given wife in tights nickname "Snake Prince". He was kicked from his home at a young age when his parents decided his worth could never amount to more than his older brother. Out on the streets he learned how to not only with them, but become a master of them. To try to keep the police off his trail and perhaps start a better life, he becomes a student at The University of Konoha where he met Uzumaki Naruto.

When the two first met each other amateur nude videos free their freshman year of college, they instantly started fighting, they were complete opposites after all. But as they spend more time together in their second year as roommates, Sasuke's dominant sex to protect what belongs to him comes to the surface.

Naruto won't be the simple submissive boy that Sasuke tries naruto make him to be has, he's got too much attitude for that, but maybe Sasuke doesn't find that side of him all bad. After an argument with the last Uchiha descendant, Naruto turns to Gaara for comfort. Catching them in the act, Sasuke decides a punishment is needed.

Naruto Uzumaki is about to be adopted by Madara Uchiha. A kind man looking to adopt a child and pass on his legacy. They can't decide how to fuck Sakura so first of all Naruto plays with her tight asshole with his finger. Then Sasuke licks her pussy for a while while Naroto keeps himself comfortable behind her back. They start to fuck her in the ass and pussy at the same time.

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Besides some times she sucks a cock and in the end gets Naruto's big cock in front of her face as he cums. Naruto blinked, startled. Sasuke blinked slowly. Naruto watched his face anxiously, trying to figure out what the bastard was thinking. You have no idea what you've just gotten yourself into, dobe…. Oh, and just as an interesting fact This story idea came to me as a dream.

I'm a pervert. Sue me. Just In All Stories: New Stories: Updated Crossovers: