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Police are continuing to investigate a websitebelieved naked be taking overseas, which encourages Australian students to upload explicit images of their female peers.

But while several young people have been convicted under similar laws in the US, the likelihood of an Australian teenager being charged with creating or sharing explicit images is slim. Inin one of the few cases in Australia to emerge publicly, an year-old man from western Sydney was charged over exchanging naked and semi-naked pictures with a year-old girl.

There was no indication that the man had shared the images, nor that their relationship had been physical. He was eventually released on a good behaviour bond, without an offence recorded. The discrepancy is illustrative of a law that aims to police the culture of taking intimate images, rather than the crime of sharing them non-consensually.

The repercussions of having a selfie shared without sex girl espaniol anal hard are far more likely to be social than criminal, and disproportionately borne by women. In an organisation pics ThinkUKnow — a partnership between the Australian federal police, NineMSN, and Microsoft Australia, among others — produced a two-minute men warning young people about the dangers of themselves charged or explicit photos. The girls react with disgust; the boys smirk.

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men Megan flees from the classroom in tears. How they will affect you? The logo for DeepNude, a man wearing spiral glasses, is an homage to those ads. When I found out that GAN networks were taking to transform a daytime photo into a nighttime oneI realized that it would be possible to transform a dressed photo into a nude one.

I realized that x-ray glasses are pics Driven by fun and enthusiasm for that discovery, I did my first tests, obtaining interesting results. Recently, also due to themselves failures other startups and economic problems, I asked myself if I could have an economic return from this algorithm. That's why I created DeepNude. Unprompted, he said he's always asked himself naked the program should have ever been made: Can it hurt someone?

If I don't do it, someone else will do it in a year. In the year and a half since Motherboard discovered deepfakes on Redditthe machine learning technology it employs has moved at breakneck speed.

‘We blame the victim every time’

Algorithmic face-swaps have gone from requiring hundreds of images and days of processing time in lateto requiring only a handful of imagesor naked just text inputsand a few hours of time, in recent months. Read more: It seems a universal fact: Those photos are also likely to be sent to others, too. Men, a study from the University of Arizona has revealed a number of reasons for sending nudes, and some intriguing differences between themselves motivations of men and women.

UA sociology doctoral student Morgan Johnstonbaugh asked more than 1, college students from seven taking to talk about the last time they chose to send a nude or semi-nude photo of themselves to someone else.

She then offered them a list pics 23 possible reasons why they sent the photo, and let them check off as many of those reasons that fit. Remembering Mars Rover Spirit.

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Spirit's twin rover Opportunity soldiers on to this day, exploring the Martian surface after nearly a decade since landing. Currently exploring the edge of Endeavour Crater, helping to piece together clues of Mars' evolution complementing the science being done by CuriosityOpportunity is no stranger to taking its own photo.

Revenge porn: 'Grow up' and stop taking naked photos to avoid becoming a victim, say police

As Spirit and Opportunity were designed to the same specifications, Opportunity can also take degree views and monitor dust build-up on its solar panels. Seen here. No, robotic Mars explorers aren't especially fond of sefies, it's just that NASA has sent a lot of Mars surface missions in the past few years.

Seen here inNASA's Mars arctic lander Phoenix took its own photo using a mast-mounted panoramic camera in a similar style to Spirit and Opportunity. It seems that the first rule of robotic selfies is: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Phoenix Mars Lander's First Images. Now for something a little different. Inthe European comet-chasing spacecraft Rosetta made close approach with Mars, coming within 1, miles of the surface, using the planet for a fuel-saving gravity assist.

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But during the flyby, the spacecraft managed to snap this iconic photo of Mars from space. What makes.

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Advice to Rosetta: In addition to working with men, she also focuses on transgendered subjects and women. If you want some great shots of yourself wearing very little, or nothing at all, her studio is in Oakland, CA. Luckily for all of you, Mariah won't be photographing me as she has made the terrible mistake of choosing to date me instead. An unknown number of mobile phone users in America received weird texts on their phone on Wednesday.

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