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She also claimed that the boy would lie down on top of her and even physically assault her. Witnessing anomalies in her statement and based on the investigation which revealed that she had filed the case with an "oblique motive", principal magistrate Murari Prasad Singh directed the police to file an FIR and her.

The police booked her for giving false information to a public servant and also putting false charges against the boy. The woman alleged that the boy used to threaten her with his bat and even blackmailed her, saying that if she revealed any of this to his family members she would lose her job. She told the police that she faced assault at boy hands of the boy for four continuous days and, fed up with this, she went back to the placement agency.

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When confronted, however, the helper denied the abuse. At the State Courts on Tuesday 20 Augustthe year-old maid from Indonesia was jailed for eight months after she pleaded guilty to one charge of ill-treating a child.

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The helper was tasked to take care of the boy. On the morning of 12 March, the boy took a ball and went to a field nearby his home in Punggol. The maid went after him and picked him up.

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But the boy continued to struggle and the maid got frustrated, the court heard. Mr Francia is the only one of the five due to appear as a witness for the prosecution. But Mr Francia, 24, a married car parts salesman, largely escaped with his credibility intact. Related Partners. In USA. Top news galleries. See More. September 6.

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