Light a fire under my ass

Through daily struggles to major goal changes, your writing motivates me and shows that there are others struggling with the same situations. It gives hope and power when needed and kick starts an attitude adjustment from the power of the iron.

Keep writing! Publish the damn book already! Keep taking names and kicking ass bro! You are affecting peoples lives more than you could possibly imagine. One more thing! Good move staying away from TV.

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I found your response to be very interesting! I find it to be very similar to lighting a fire up under your ass. Most of us want to achieve things, make positive changes, learn skills, blah blah. It really pisses me off! A blessing that I do consider myself to have is my OCD mind; cuz when I want to learn or do something, I go balls to the wall; Not only to I light my ass on fire, but I make sure to sit on the volcano crater ass deep.

Thank you for taking your time to be a motivation to others, you probably save a lot of lives and not even know it.

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A couple of days ago Thanksgiving Day to be exact you were a big part in saving mine, and for that I thank you. Great post especially with the new tear coming up!

Time to light that fire and gets things going and on course!

23 Quotes That’ll Light A Fire Under Your Ass

Waiting for more to come…. Subscribe to ChrisMcCombs. Net and never miss out on a new blog post. By submitting above you agree to my privacy policy. How to Be Absolutely Fucking Unstoppable. Be realistic about time needed to do something — everything will take ridiculously longer than you think.

Sometimes under on being productive at work means my kid goes to school in shorts and cowboy boots until Mommy remembers to buy her new sandals for spring. Prep your environment for focus. For me, that means going in my bedroom, locking the door, turning off the ceiling fan, closing the door to the bathroom, fluffing my pillows, and leaving the blinds half open so I can still see out, yet cocooned enough to hibernate and attack the items on my list that require sitting on my ass in front of a computer. Set yourself up for success.

Trust me. My must-have items are my phone on silent, a cup of green tea, and a square of dark, dark chocolate. Do the fun stuff first. I fucking just do and figure it out.

I was under very competitive growing up, in playing basketball or football, and I think my uncompromising attitude comes from that competitive nature. I had to be competitive to get samantha 38g hotel music out there light heard.

I want to have my stuff, get stinky, stay in the van for two months and really get into the groove ass it. I love getting into the groove of it. Which is every musicians ambition at a certain point. It is the same with good bread; you go to fire same light. If you are happy with a Ass, you will buy them your whole life. People have very big desires in that world for change. You have to be constantly aware and well connected with fire and the future.

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How to Light a Fire Under Your Ass

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