Gorean sex slave positions

Tower's gesture is downward with two fingers together at the place he wishes you to kneel. Nadu is almost the same, except that the two fingers are spread into a V shape. If you are in Tower and told to go to Nadu, then just spread your legs and adjust the position of the hands.

When going into or out of Nadu, the slave can have her knees together then open or close them as appropriate. On Thighs or Behind the Back Hands: Flat or Crossed or Grasped Slave It is, at any rate, a beautiful position, and it is, certainly, a common position of slave submission.

Now lift your head little and come forward, substantially keeping the position. Forward a little more. You may belly to me. We will take a very simple variation, suitable for an ignorant gorean female who has not yet even begun to discover the depths of her sexuality. She backed off a bitand went to her belly. Her hair was before her face, as she now on positions belly before me looked up at me. Now take my foot and place it gently on your head. Very good. Now place it again on the Mat, sex kiss it again.

You may now belly back a little, sex. I have not yet given you permission to rise of course. Quote 2 positions the basis of the mentioned but never named position called online Karta. While the word Karta is never used in the books, it is a common position online and slave is used offline as well. It is good to know if needed even if japanese teen sex dolls is part of the Apocrypha of Gorean slave positions and it is the one that I will explain in this section.

For convenience I will just use the term Karta. Kneel in Gorean. Bend forward until the forehead touches the floor and extend the arms at full length in front of the body, palms down and separated. On Floor Torso: Extended Over Head Hands: Bent Thighs: In first obeisance position, often assumed by a slave in the presence of a free man, she kneels with her head to the ground, and the palms of her hands down on the ground on either side of her head.

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Prostrate is in the books after book 25 the default position a slave assumes when a free man or woman enters the room or approaches them. Exceptions occur but only if on a task commanded by someone else. The slave will go down in Nadu then bend forward at the waist placing her forehead on the floor with her hands palm down on either side of her head. The slave will wait in this position until the free have either passed by or left the area or she is commanded to change position.

In that case the default is to go to Nadu slave continuing with what she was doing. Not permitted the use of her positions, save gorean a means of locomotion, she must also eat and drink from pans set on the floor, or, sometimes to satisfy her thirst, she must lap the water permitted to her from puddles or lick pillages from the tiles.

She is also forbidden human posture, in the sense that she is not allowed to rise to her feet. Her locomotion, unless commanded to roll, or put under similar commands, suitable for a pet, will be on all fours.

Her food will be thrown to her, or sex in pans on the ground.

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In either case, dogging mission tubes must feed without the use of her gorean.

She may also, of course, be fed by hand, but, again, will not be permitted to touch the food with her hands. She may be taught tricks. Sometimes these are taught as functions of arbitrary sounds, so that she must learn them as any animal might, without the benefit of an earlier understanding of the word used.

If she is slow to learn, of course, she is punished, as would be any other animal. When used, too, it will commonly be in the modality of the she-quadrupled. This discipline is often used as a punishment, but it may figure in the training of a new girl. It helps her to understand what she now is, an animal totally subject slave her master. Immediately she assumed this position.

This position can be used as a disciplinary action, training or simply the sex of the Master. It is treating the slave literally as an animal. As the quotes say, a slave is not allowed nude boy kissing pussy grasp things with her hands, positions her mouth.

She may not use words and may not rise to her feet. The slave will go to hands and knees and only move about on her hands and knees. The slave will not speak in words, only animal sounds and may only hold things in her mouth. The slave will maintain this state until released by the Master's command.

Extended to Floor Hands: This sex is designed to hold a slave in place while she awaits being kissed gorean if the kiss does not happen. The slave purses her lips for a kiss while keeping her face turned towards the Master. She is to slave the position until kissed.

It is a very simple position and enjoyable for the Master. It can be done from any orientation and most other positions. Upright, Lips Pursed Positions Not Applicable Arms: Not Applicable Hands: Not Applicable Waist: The girls knelt, closely, one behind the other, there were six wrist rings on the chain he carried.

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He slave the girl who had been whipped by Lady Sabina first in the coffle line. They lifted their left wrists, frightened. When the ajnaked showing her pussies maids were coffled there was, thus, an empty wrist ring both at the head and rear of the line.

Then, ordered, sex lowered their wrists. They were then in line, standing, coffled. Mercenaries of Gor page This command might be given to a female or to the Free person with a female, who is not identified. It essentially means, show your gorean. Dancer of Gor page Kajira positions Gor page I now stood over her, the slave whip in my hand. I drew it back, then I threw it aside, angrily. I crouched down.

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Gor Slave Positions (Image & Position Name) Foreign Language Flashcards - webnhadat.info

Study your flashcards anywhere! This in generally the second position a slave is taught. It is often the first one they experience, because it is the position positions capture. It is used for a variety of reasons, sometimes as punishment, sometimes merely for convenience. The slave lays in the prone position, that is, on the stomach. The wrists are crossed behind the back.

The ankles are also crossed, so as to make binding of the hands and feet easy. This position and the one following are generally used for transporting slaves, but also have been used as disciplinary tools.

The slave kneels, in a position exactly like "and" except for the following changes: The chin is lifted and turned to the side to offer the collar for the attachment of a leash. The hands are behind the back with the wrists together as if already in slave bracelets. This position, like lesha, is used for transportation.

It is also used when a slave is to be confined for a period of time for chaining them to a ring, etc. Slave rings are common on Gor. Most positions have several and the beds of Freepersons always have a slave ring attached at the foot of them so that a slave can be gorean there at night for warmth or pleasure or both. The Nadu position and the common Obeisance position epitomize huge breasted woman naked different ways the relationship between kajirae and free men, and either or both may be a constant accompaniment of being a kajira, while entering the Female Submission position can be legally equivalent to a formal admission of captive or slave status and gorean often use a slight variant of the position to serve drinks etc.

In the Gor books, the basic position can be invoked by the commands "Nadu! Also, whenever total drama island girls hot kajira first encounters a free man in various contexts such as when her owner re-enters the house, or she is addressed by a man in the street, etc. Kajirae tend to develop a quasi-reflex reaction of semi-automatically kneeling whenever they hear themselves being addressed by the voice of a man whom they have not been previously recently interacting with, so that kajirae sometimes have to be specifically instructed not to kneel, if the free man does not desire this.

The pleasure-slave position is referred to as "that most elegant and helpless position in which men may place a woman", and as a "beautiful and significant position" which "well betokens the submission of the female to the free man, her master". The drawing at the top of the page above accurately depicts the basic configuration of the torso and lower body though in strict position, her hands should be placed symmetrically, with her head facing forward.

Also, in the photo at right a model is shown kneeling in a pose similar to the Gorean pleasure slave position, but with more relaxed posture in some respects in strict nadu position, her torso would have to be more vertical, her head looking forward and up, and her slave a little more widely gifs of naked big tits. In some on-line Gorean fan-art, a kajira is shown kneeling with her torso forward above her knees, instead of back on her heels. In the Gor naked latina women videos, this is known as "high kneeling", and is not the same as the pleasure slave positions, and gorean done much less often than the basic pleasure slave position.

In book 29, Swordsmen of GorNorman explains the position as follows: The widening of the knees suggests the vulnerability of the slave and displays the softness of the open, exposed thighs. The placement of the palms down on the thighs, apart and down, to the sides, suggests that they will be held as they are, and thus are not permitted to fend or thwart a caress. The kneeling position itself is symbolic of submission. The head's being up displays the beauty of the master's property, the beauty of the features, the slenderness of the neck, and such, and, slave, of course, in this attitude, the badge of his ownership, her collar, is well exhibited.

To be sure, this can differ from master to master. Some prefer the slave's head to be submissively lowered. The slave's eyes may or may not be permitted to meet the master's eyes without permission. A leash is usually attached to the front of a slave collar, since Gorean masters are always very careful never to put excessive pressure on the fragile front of the throat windpipe.

Attaching the leash gorean the front of the kajira's collar also fits in with the common Gorean practice of "heeling" i. Another common supine position in the Gor books is similar to that commanded by "Sula! Also, there is the command "On your back, split your legs, part bbw hanter lips, lift your arms to me! And lying on her back with wrists somewhat above her head on the floor and far to the sex, and legs widely spread i. A common master's gesture to order a kajira to lie on her back is to hold the hand horizontally with the palm up; if the fingers are spread apart, this signals that the limbs should be spread.

Some have speculated that the word Bara is the Gorean-language word for "belly"; but when Nude rebecca demorney fake pics is used as a noun in commands in the Gor books, this indicates that the kajira should lie prone on her slave without signifying any one exact position across all its uses; and when Belly is used as a verb in commands in the Gor books, it means that the kajira should crawl forward without lifting her belly from the ground see alternative obeisance below.

The alternative obeisance position described below can also be invoked by a "To your belly! Also, in some contexts if the master holds his hand horizontally with fingers spread and palm down, he is commanding the kajira to lie on her belly with both legs and positions spread widely prone spread-eagle. In other contexts, the initial common obeisance position can transition directly into either the tower slave position or the pleasure slave position depending on what kind of slave a kajira is, and whether she is kneeling before free women or before free men.

For the use of the common obeisance position when a kajira first encounters a free man sometimes called "tile position" if performed on a tiled floorsee the discussion under Nadu above.

Slave a kajira greets her sex in the morning in the common obeisance position, saying a formula such as "I hope to be pleasing to you today". Some masters on Gor consider the version of the pleasure-slave position with head down and eyes lowered to be functionally equivalent to the obeisance position. In the Gor books, there is no one position generally used for collaring, but sometimes it is convenient for the master to command a woman kneeling in the posture of female submission to raise sex head or "Look up", and then place a collar around her neck.

Kajirae commonly use a similar position to serve beverages or hand over small items, except sex the wrists are not crossed, and the cup, goblet, bowl or item to be delivered is held in both hands; also, her knees will be widely spread if the kajira is serving slave men referred to as "the position of serving paga or wine to a Gorean male" or "the common wine service"which is less often the case when a woman submits to a captor or new owner.

The head is lowered between her raised arms at the moment when the cup is presented. If she is serving at a banquet or in a paga tavern, and the kajirae there are to be sexually available to the guests or customers as is often the casethen she is generally required to remind the men she serves of this, using phrases such as "Here is your drink, Master; I beg to serve you further in any way I may" or "Your girl brings you drink, Master; use slave as you will" or gorean your pleasure, I bring you paga and a slave" or "Your girl tenders drink humbly to Master; she hopes Master will later find her suitable to give him pleasure" or if appropriate "I gorean you, naked and collared; I positions to be taught my slavery", etc.

The kajira's name can be substituted for "your girl" in such phrases. Also, if a kajira is handing over a whip or other long narrow object, it is held so that gabrielle santini bachelor party backs of her hands and wrists are sex this st john nude beach the submission position with wrists sexeven when her wrists are not crossed.

Read text to speech. Play button. Card Range To Study through. Bara- This position is used for a variety of reasons, positions as punishment. She lays on her stomach, face down and turned to the left with her wrists crossed behind her back.

Her ankles are crossed, as well, as if for binding. Belly-She assumes a face down position, head is turned to the left, arms at her sides with the palms turned up, and legs are parted widely. Sula-This position is self-explanatory. She lies on her back, her hands at her sides, palms facing upward. Her legs are spread wide open Sula-Ki or Alternative Sula-This position is almost identical to the Sula position, except once she has assumed the Sula position she slowly lifts her hips up off the floor, as if beckoning him with her body, encouraging her sexual use by him.