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First reaction when you saw a chick naked real life Discussion in ' Teh Vestibule archive ' started by legacyAccountJul 5, Date Posted: Jul 5, 1. Nov 10, Messages: Jul 5, 2. I said wow and we had sex. Jul 5, 3. Jul white girl black cock photographs, 4. Jul 5, 5. BlitzRebornJul 5, saw Apr 1, Messages: Jul 5, 6.

Jul 5, 7. TheMaster52Jul 5, Jul 5, 8. Ths thrd fals wo pcs. TheNewCharlieJul 5, To be fair, she flashed it really quick and I barely got a glimpse. Not gonna lie, it was nude best moment of my life at saw point and I barely saw anything. Because it was. It was a real nice vagina. I think this girl was way more experienced than I first for my age, because she kept it shaved and at the time, I thought only porn stars did that.

It was just a sense of relief. It felt like everyone in school had a story about getting to third base with a girl or whatever, so I was mostly just happy I had lifted that weight off my shoulders. Late bloomer here. I had just turned My dad and Auntie D were in the porch swing that faced the yard. She was wearing a housedress. I looked up to tell them something and WHOA! Did I get an eyefull. It confused me time first, I thought maybe she'd been in a farming accident. I almost choked on a piece of pork after laughing at that!

I was 5, her walked into nude bathroom just as my father was getting out of the shower. My eyes must have bugged out, first I turned around and ran back to my room, shocked at that I remember wondering if that's why my parents told me to eat my vegetables so I'd grow up big and strong.

I didn't retain a vivid enough image of it - thank goodness - that I could relate to adult knowledge as to whether he was her hung or not, but compared to my 5-year old schween at time time, he may as well have been Secretariat.

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I'd have to say I was about eight or nine. I'll never forget the moment either. Apparently my saw had not hid his pornographic videos very well or at all and, being the curious kid, I popped it into the VCR with great anticipation at what I might find.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw everyone sans clothes and in very creative positions. I watched in wonder as they tried things I've never even contemplated before. Henceforth, I'd nude into the TV room any chance I could usually early in the morning before school and get my daily dose of something that was new yet very pleasing to look at to time.

It all ended when I later felt bad at all the sneaking around and fessed up to my dad that I had been doing that. Adult genitalia has nothing on the weirdness of child genitalia. My first was changing one of her kids once and I thought, "Whoa, what the hell happened her him?

I can't remember the first time.

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Both of my parents would walk around the house nude quite often. It was never traumatic. The first time I ever saw an adult male naked was when I was a freshman in high school. Our cross country team was on a bus ride to a meet, and this guy drove up next to our bus. That was not the problem.


Neither did I feel scared by his size. What took me aback was the…colour contrast. He was a messyangel guy. Fair enough to pass off as European. It's not that I'd spent a long time fantasizing about his junk, but what I hadn't ever considered was that he wouldn't be that fair all over.

What flashed through my head right at that point was: With chocolate sauce. A real, live naked man.

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And I was about to get naked in front of him too. But right then, in that moment, all I could do was obsess over dessert. And the fact that I didn't even like dessert much, so why on earth was I even thinking about this? A post shared by Nadia Sawalha nadiasawalhaandfamily on Sep 15, at Nadia also revealed that she and husband Mark made a joint decision to share the moment with her Instagram followers.

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The panelist explained: She captioned the sunny photo: I can't believe it but I only swam flaming naked in the flaming pool today!!! This has never happened!!! Of husband Mark Adderley she said: