Cheating what does a womens smell of sex

And to the dudes that are describing vag as a nasty place Its just a body part, its not nasty.

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Its as natural as it can be. MtnMan said:. However, the link says BV can be caused by banging a bunch of people, but can also be caused by a bunch of other things.

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Point being, not an accurate way to see if you princess is slaying other dragons or not. A dirty filthy hore could conceivably have a squeaky clean vag and a good virgin could have a stinky one. So basically you are saying that it's the sperm causing the stench. There's your diagnosis.

How to Tell if a Guy Is Cheating - Is He Cheating on You

Along with not showering. Either way, stank puss is a red flag. What a load of 1st world sex problems. They also weren't putting their mouths on it either. I bet their breath stunk though, ha. Remember that oral sex is a somewhat new and unnatural thing.

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Maybe not new, I'm sure the ancient Greeks were all into it. I've come across stank puss in two types of women: Colossus Master Don Juan. Joined Jan 22, Messages 3, Reaction score Gardnerella and trichomoniasis can cause that rank dead fish smell. Typically the cause is poor hygiene, or sexual promiscuity.

Why The Vagina Smells Different After Sex With A New Partner

These usually aren't "spontaneous" infections. SgtSplacker Master Don Juan. Joined Aug 18, Messages 2, Reaction score For some odd reason I have always thought that it's ignorant to say that a smelly girl is a trashy girl. When we trust someone, if we worry or suspect that they aren't being monogamouswe ASK them.

We don't try and analyze their genital scents, or check up on their whereabouts, or look for hidden clues in the things they say or do. We simply ask them, and then we accept their answer. If we feel like their answer isn't good enough, then we've got to recognize that we DO have a trust issue that we need to work out or reconcile.

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So, if you're having concerns that your wife isn't being faithful, she's the person to ask about it, not me or anyone else. An unfamiliar smell coming from your vagina might be nerve-wracking, but there are a whole bunch of possible reasons behind a change in odor that are no big deal. Here's everything you need to know. With or without a new sexual partner, that is. As you probably know, your vagina naturally has a certain smell. Remember back to chemistry class for a second: Bullock says. Don't stress, though, because the change is often totally benign.

All sorts of factors can affect vaginal pH, so you may not be able to pinpoint the exact cause. Bullock notes. Not all sexually transmitted infections cause a distinct odor, but one does. They see this technique as a quick and dirty way to end your extant union so you two can be together. This is Fatal Attraction territory, and it's horrifying. This last tip should go without saying, but one sure way to rat yourself out is by giving your partner a painful streaming japanese porn movies embarrassing dick or vagina infection.

This goes for single people too. The only problem here is that using condoms feels weird and gross, and it's much better to go raw dog with the man or woman you love.

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But like everything else on this list, if you're going to have an affair, you need to be prepared to turn your life into a living nightmare just to get away with it.

If for some reason that's worth it to you, then by all means, go crash the custard truck with some stupid rando. This story is over 5 years old.