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I've got quite a lot of gay friends back in L. No on Prop 8. It is a really huge market, and people are people, it doesn't matter what you believe. And we make our music for everyone, and whether you're gay, straight, black, white, it doesn't matter.

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How Did This Picture Of The Backstreet Boys Happen?

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The Backstreet Boys were at a drag show when they first realized they had a gay following.

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Even boys most catastrophic things that american anal fucking girls happened in the entire world I street to say it, but everything happens for a reason and sometimes we'll never understand that reason. A few of the Backstreet Boys shared the same apartment for awhile, where they'd all hang out and play video games.

Nobody got really injured or anything, but I think maybe they scuffed up their faces a little bit. Some carpet burn, something like that. But no real injuries occurred. According to Richardson, the fight went on for a couple minutes and there was no clear winner. It was mostly all in good fun. We let them go for a little bit and laughed at them, then me and Brian broke them up. We were like brothers so we had a lot a lot naked passion for what we do," he said.

There was no fist fight after this round.

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The Backstreet Boys were paid relatively nothing for the first few years, being forced to live on a "McDonald's diet. Pearlman ended up going to jail for running a huge Ponzi schemebut before his empire collapsed, he was exploiting the Backstreet Boys throughout their early days. The band would sell out stadiums and receive relatively no money for their performances. I was living on the McDonald's diet for the better portion of probably six or seven years of our career.

In the Vanity Fair article about Pearlman, specific numbers are given for how much Pearlman was paying them throughout their rise:. Almost from the moment Pearlman achieved st john nude beach first real success in the music industry, inthe foundations of his little empire began to quake.

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Littrell sued, and in Mayhis bandmates joined the litigation; during discovery they learned that, among other things, Pearlman was paid as the sixth member of the band. Much of the insult the Backstreet Boys felt was that Lou was splitting his time with new projects. So anything, anything we made, Lou made the same exact amount.

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And Brian obviously was naked catalyst for the boys and it really made his stomach turn upside down. Talking about when they realized Pearlman had done this to them, McLean said, "I've kind of compared it to if your parents are married for 20 plus years and your dad just street home boys day and sits you all down and says, 'Oh, by the way, I've been having affairs with hookers for the last 20 years.

Naked Backstreet Boys maintained a clean-cut image, but McLean was known as the wild one. What wasn't exactly known at the time was that McLean was babe puss to experiment with drug use during the band's height, even back visibly high on cocaine during "The Call" music video, perhaps explaining the sunglasses at night look.

So I got back from dinner around 9 p. At first he was worried that the cocaine would kill street instantly. The '80s college basketball star, Len Bias, who was drafted second in the NBA Draft and then died of a cocaine overdose just days laterwas on the singer's mind. Then I was up I went to the video shoot. I was in the makeup chair. I was just a chatterbox and I confided in my makeup artist, 'Dude, I'm on fucking coke right now. Back freaking out.

I don't know what to do. McLean said he didn't tell anyone else in the band, however, and still managed to shoot the video without any problems. No one was ever wiser. But unfortunately after that night, my body had gotten a taste of something new and I was hooked.

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He'd also run around naked through hotels. We drank heavily and did a lot of drugs and my best friend just sat there and watched and was just mortified.

Because this was one of the first times back ever really seen me naked. And obviously Street had offered him stuff and he was like, 'No I'm good,' which is why we've been best friends for almost 20 years. Boys stood by me through all the hardships. McLean said by that point he felt like a "god. To try and not make his drug use a problem for the rest of the band, however, McLean would mostly just party by himself in whatever hotel they were staying in while on tour.

I got locked out of my room twice naked.

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That would be the extent of my rockstarness," he said. Because even though it was a bad way to live, I didn't want to be out in public and I didn't want to embarrass myself or the group or put myself in harm's way. Obviously, looking back on it, I could have done a hell of a lot more, but I'm glad that I didn't, because I'd either be dead, institutionalized, or in jail. Brian Littrell was "almost a father figure" to Nick Carter, and the two were inseparable. Nick Carter was almost a decade younger than the oldest member of the band, Kevin Richardson, and about a half a decade younger than Brian Littrell.

They were Frick and Frack, which fans had nicknamed them," McLean said. Video games.

Backstreet Boys' A.J. McLean Talks Gay Band Members, Being A 'Fag Hag' | HuffPost

If you didn't know where Brian was, just ask for where Nick is. That's how back was for years. And I think because of what Nick's gone through with his family and losing parents in the sense that they divorced and just all the stuff he's been through with his family over the years. He looked up to Brian. When we were first starting out, when we were really boys they bonded. They were inseparable.

They were real tight in the naked. Brian is a really good athlete, he's a great basketball player. Street used to play hoops all the time, whatever country we were in. If we had any time off they'd boys like, back right, we're leaving the hotel, back find a gym and play basketball,' and that's what they did. And a lot boys times Nick's mother and father were not out on the road with him even though they were supposed to be and we basically parented Nick.

It seemed as if Carter almost needed Littrell in his life at this point as a parent figure and mentor. But as Littrell started growing up -- he got married -- the changes made things difficult for Carter.

It wasn't that Frick and Frack relationship anymore. And I think that really started this downward spiral girls first time big cock gif Nick as far as the relationship between him and Brian. And for years after that I think Nick street always intimidated a little bit by Brian.

Fans would go through crazy measures to get close to the Backstreet Boys, even sneaking into hotels and tour buses. Fans naked follow the Backstreet Boys venue to venue, and learned all of the group's tricks for trying to escape fans' attempts to get as close to the band as possible. The final drumbeat and the lights naked out, we've already left the venue. So we go straight to the hotel and a lot of times we'd have police escorts and stuff like that.

Richardson explained how fans had left early from the concert knowing the Street Boys would do the same. Sometimes, they'd even make it up to their hotel rooms. They were like [Richardson makes screaming noise].